Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Saturday, January 20, 2018
Feeding the Community, Body and Soul
Roy E. Blakeburn, D.D. is the Associate Pastor of Counseling. He has been an ordained minister for fifty years, and counseling has been a significant part of his ministry for most of those years. In addition, he has availed himself of educational opportunities in the field of counseling throughout his ministry.
        Pastor Blakeburn is available to people in the Greeneville area regardless of church affiliation. There is no cost for his services as this is offered as a part of the church's ministry. This service is available through appointments, which can be made by calling 638-6922 or 787-9609.
         Counseling is conducted privately in an office in the church.  Please feel free to contact Pastor Blakeburn.
         We also offer counseling with other Pastors in the Church, as needed.