Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Feeding the Community, Body and Soul
Trip Scholarships
We are aware that the trips and activities we plan for our youth ministry can be expensive. We never want the cost of a trip or activity to be the reason a student is not able to attend, nor do we intend to strain your family financially.  The price we ask you to pay for each trip and activity is never more than 75% of the actual cost and many times it is around half.  Our youth ministry budget and fundraisers cover the remainder.
In the past, we have been able to offer significant additional financial assistance to students who would like to participate in youth trips but are unable to afford them.    Due to our increased need for financial assistance, we will no longer be able to provide full scholarships for any students.  Parents should talk to Andy about the financial need and we can mutually agree upon a payment plan or additional fundraising opportunities.  When resources are available, they will be used to help. All trip and activity scholarships are provided by church members who choose to 'sponsor' a participating youth.  We have found that scholarships are most often offered to students who attend worship on Sunday mornings and interact positively with church members.
College Scholarships
- Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church offers 2 college scholarships: the Lucille Barham Scholarship and the H.C. Smith Scholarship each year to children of church members.  Applications are available in the church office in the early spring of each year.
- Bethel University in McKenzie, TN is a Cumberland Presbyterian affiliated university that offers scholarships to students who are members of Cumberland Presbyterian congregations.  Our Presbytery also has a scholarship available for CP students attending Bethel.
- Maryville College in Maryville, TN offers several scholarships, including a Church & College Fellows Scholarship to Cumberland Presbyterian students who are willing to volunteer 3 hours per week in a local congregation.
Youth Council
Our Youth Ministry is represented on the GCPC Session, the decision making body for the church, by two elected elders: Mr. Noah Roark and Mrs. Chan Humbert.  At the end of each school year, we ask for volunteers from the youth group to serve the following year on a Youth Council, which plans retreats, makes scheduling decisions and seeks God's guidance for our ministry's direction.  Church membership is not required, just active youth group participation.  Serving on the Youth Council is an opportunity for students to practice leadership skills among their peers.  Feel free to contact any of the members with ideas or questions.  The 2017-2018 Youth Council consists of:
Kinner Flaglor-senior
Savannah Duff- Junior
Kimberly Rouse- Junior
Charly Flaglor- Sophomore
Bladen Keller- Sophomore
Lexi Humbert- Freshman
Charlie Strange- Freshman
Lucas Hayes- 8th
Masen Flaglor- 8th
Olga Hayes- Adult
Susan Flaglor- Adult
Alison Blackwelder- Adult
Michael Ritter- Adult
Chan Humbert- Adult
Andy Blackwelder- Adult
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