Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Thursday, November 22, 2018
Feeding the Community, Body and Soul

Family Lent Calendar 2015

      Lent is the time of year between Ash Wednesday and Easter when we are called to “refocus” our lives on God.  Three ways to do this are though:
-          Prayer: using words, pictures or music to communicate with God.
-          Fasting: withholding our personal desires to better understand our need for God.
-          Service: using our gifts and abilities to meet the needs of others.
     On the calendar, you will find opportunities for your family to observe Lent using prayer, fasting and service.  The topics are merely suggestions for your family to try.  On prayer days, incorporate the suggested word into your prayers.  On fasting days, challenge one another to use self-control in the suggested way.  On service days, work together to serve others through the suggested task.
February 18     P
February 19     F
No TV or screens today (except for work and homework.)
February 20     S
Take out the trash
at your house.
February 21     P
February 22     F
No snacking between meals today.
February 23     S
Do something kind
for a neighbor.
February 24     P
 February 25     F
Only water to
drink today.
February 26     S
Make a card for
someone who needs extra love.
February 27     P
 February 28     F
No sweet treats
 March 1     S
Make a coin bank
for your family.
Choose a charity.
March 2     P
 March 3     F
See how few
electronics you
can use today.
March 4     S
Write a letter and
mail it to someone.
March 5     P
 March 6     F
Do not listen to music today.
 March 7     S
Go through your clothes.  Donate unused items.
 March 8     P
March 9     F
See how little trash you can produce today.
 March 10     S
Give 10 different people a compliment.
March 11     P
March 12     F
No meat today.
March 13     S
"Care Box" for an elderly person or college student.
March 14     P
March 15     F
Try to spend more time outside today than inside.
March 16     S
Call someone and tell them you're thinking of them.
March 17     P
March 18     F
See how little water you can use today.
March 19     S
Help prepare supper and clean up afterward.
March 20     P
March 21     F
As much as possible, do not use any furniture today.
March 22     S
Give someone real or paper flowers.
March 23     P
March 24     F
No complaining today!
March 25     S
Do something to care for animals today.
March 26     P
March 27     F
No bread today.
 March 28     S
Choose an area to pick up trash.  (wear gloves!)
March 29     P
March 30     F
Only water to drink today.
March 31     S
Collect a few items to donate to the food bank.
April 1     P
April 2     F
No arguing today.
April 3     S
Count the money in your coin bank and mail/deliver it.
April 4     F
No candy today!
April 5     P