Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Saturday, September 22, 2018
Feeding the Community, Body and Soul

Students in the 9th-12th grades make up our High School Ministry.  We meet on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7:30pm for games, discussion, food and fun.  Students who would like to walk or drive to the church immediately following school on Wednesdays are welcome to come volunteer with our elementary program or have some study hall/chill time in the youth room before youth group.
Supper is a part of our Wednesday schedule at 6pm, catered by Angie's Catering for $2/student and $8/adult.

Youth Group starts on Wednesday, August 15
Parent Night is Wednesday, August 29
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September 14-16        Family Retreat at Camp John Speer
September 23              Messtival
November 9                 High School All Nighter

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