Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Feeding the Community, Body and Soul
     We recognize that Sunday morning, for many families, is a battle to get everyone dressed, fed, in the car and to the church on time for worship.  On our very best days, we might make it out of the house on time for Sunday School.  But what if Sunday morning wasn't a battle?  What if your kids were so excited to see what will come next that they enthusiastically look forward to Sunday morning?
     Our hope for your family is that your kids will find something wonderful, challenging, fun, educational and engaging when they arrive at GCPC on Sunday mornings.  We hope that they know that they belong here and feel comfortable exploring their faith in a variety of ways--through games, activities, storytelling, songs, and more.
     On top of that, we hope parents will take the opportunity to engage in faith exploration of their own in one of our many adult small groups, such as the Wired Class, Discovery Class or Explorers Class.
Pre-K & K Group
     This group uses hands-on experiences, play and stories to learn about God's love.  Mrs. Andy Daniels has been leading this group for many years and approaches the lessons with enthusiasm and energy that is engaging to children.  You can find this class just a few steps from the main church office.
1st & 2nd Grade Group
     Our first and second graders are working though Faith Alive's "...walk with me..." curriculum which uses an engaging, hands-on approach to understanding the stories of the Bible.  Mrs. Dinah McInturff and Ms. Kathleen Solomon combine their wealth of experience in teaching children to create an enjoyable atmosphere for exploring God's word.  This group meets in the room at the top of the front staircase.
3rd & 4th Grade Group
     Students in the third and fourth grades also use Faith Alive's "...walk with me..." curriculum to dig deeper into the stories of the Bible.  Mrs. Loraine Cluely uses a variety of methods to strengthen the children's foundation of faith as they become more and more curious.  This group meets in the room across the hall from the Fellowship Hall.
5th-8th Grade Group
     Although 5th grade students are still in elementary school, we have confidence that their faith exploration is prepared for application and discussions with students in the 6th-8th grades.  This is part of our intention to hold our students to a higher expectation of growing in their faith and never becoming bored with learning.  This group meets upstairs in the youth rooms in the front of the church.
Kids Worship
     Following the Children's Message in our 10:30am Sanctuary Worship Service, children K-5th grade are invited to "The Gallery" for Kid's Worship.  This is a time of singing, prayer, and activities focues on helping children understand why we do the things we do in worship.