Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Feeding the Community, Body and Soul

C3, or the Confirmation Commissioning Course is a 14-week adventure for students 6th grade and older that are interested in making a personal claim on their faith.  Through discussion, projects, activities, field trips and more, the C3 group digs to the heart of what Christianity is all about and what each one of us truly believes--not just what we are told to believe.  An adult mentor will commit to working alongside each student throughout the process, checking in with them, praying for them, cheering them on, and supporting them as they work through articulating their faith.
con•fer•MAY•shun a response which shows information is received and understood
cuh•MIH•shuh•ning an authoritative order, charge or direction
Not only is confirmation a time of claiming your faith, but it leads to a "sending out" to live out that faith in your day to day life and through the ministry of the church.  Look over the schedule of topics below to get a feel for the many different directions we'll be traveling this year in C3.
     1. Student must be in the 6th grade or older.
     2. Student must commit to participate in the study.
     3. Student must attend worship regularly at GCPC.
     4. Student must be present on Confirmation Sunday (June 9, 2019)

Registration Letter

SUNDAY, FEB. 10                Launch Meeting and Deadline to Register
WEEK 1                                God's Story/Our Story
WEEK 2                                Sin & Temptation
WEEK 3                                Need for a Savior
WEEK 4                                The Resurrection
WEEK 5                                The Church
WEEK 6                                Build a Church
WEEK 7                                Service, Outreach & Stewardship
WEEK 8                                The Sacraments
WEEK 9                                 Prayer
WEEK 10                               What is a Cumberland Presbyterian?
WEEK 11                               Faith Statements
WEEK 12                               Group Project
WEEK 13                               Loose Ends
WEEK 14                               Loose Ends
SUNDAY, JUNE 9                  Confirmation Sunday  
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