Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Feeding the Community, Body and Soul

James Lively 

I’m not sure what you may be looking for in a church home. But I can tell you that the Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church has become a wonderful home for me.  I have been received and supported beyond what I deserve.  I float on a sea of grace here, grace that I believe comes from God. 


Grace – you will hear the word often at the Greeneville church. Grace is God’s gift of love. We don’t deserve that love and we can’t earn it. But it’s ours. Grace means God wants to relate us. God wants to put us back together when our lives break apart. God wants to use us to bless the world. God just wants us. That’s the good news conveyed so clearly in the life of Jesus Christ.

 You will discover grace here in the music on Sunday mornings, in the Sunday school lessons and around the table during Wednesday night meals.  Most of all, you will find it in the relationships we have with one another. Those relationships are not flawless, but they are full of God’s love and mercy.

 And they are open.  In other words, we have room for you!  I believe that those who participate in the worship and ministry of this congregation have a great chance to discover the love for which we all long.  Consider yourself invited and welcome to this household of grace.


James W. (Jamie) Lively